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Be We One gives away shirts in order to sell micro-businesses. We sell wholesale quantities of items with our message at wholesale prices you so you can start a new business that can pay you as you work it.

One box of shirts to start is truly a business in a box that almost any young or old adult can learn, simply by being willing to share this great message with others by wearing the shirts, and answering the "what does it mean" questons as they come.

This is a great opportunity to learn the skills needed to be very successful in business, service to others, and joy in life.

Our message of Peace, Hope, and Love is so important for others to see and hear that we forego profits in order to spread it.

Earn a profit for yourself in 3 ways by distributing this shirt and other items with messages of Peace, Hope, and Love.

  1. We sell you shirts for $12 each that are typically sold for $20 each, so you can profit on each one you sell.

  2. When one of your shirt recipients orders their own starter pack of 25 for $300, you earn $50 for that referral.

  3. At the year end, we distribute all economic profits to our sellers, so you earn even more then.

It really is that simple! Order your free shirt using the form above, and we will send you all the further details. Including how running your own micro-business can save you thousands on your income taxes as you deduct selling expenses. There is no obligation whatsoever on the free shirt, it is completely free, and we never share your information with any outsiders.

Be We One was founded by Treyeshua Tomeny in 2018 with the sale of a few shirts in his restaurant and a trademark application for BE WE.

He can be reached at treyeshua gmail and on his cell phone at 214 228 6519.

He and his family operate this enterprise.

About the Be We logo. It was designed by Treyeshua Tomeny in 2018. The black background is the black of the night sky. The blue color circle is the color of Earth against the black of space. The straight scalloped lines allude to the creations of man, which are largely straight. The curved scalloped lines allude to the creations of our Creator, which are often curved. By forming Be We with only three letters, the logo is also the "world's third shortest speech", after two other shorter speeches given by Treyeshua, "BU" and "B".

Be We is a registration pending trademark. This site is copyright 2022, Y Love, Inc.