What is Be We One?

Be We One is a ministry enterprise that aims to freely share the fundamental message of Jesus Christ and to finance those efforts by selling things that have the message.

What is the fundamental message of Jesus Christ?

 The message of unity, of all in all, of love from and to and for all. As in John 17:21, “That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us”.

Who are these people wearing Be We apparel and trying to sell them to me?

Be We One gives meaningful paid opportunities to the outcasts of the world. People who, by their circumstances, have ended up at the bottom of our social ladder, often without homes, without family, without vehicles, and, previously, without hope.

Who makes money on Be We One apparel sales?

Like any other enterprise, everyone involved makes money. The largest share goes to our messengers, the next largest share goes to our suppliers, and our founder, Treyeshua, gets 3% of sales, much of which he gives to another ministry enterprise, Test God, Give. We are an open book enterprise, the user name is investigator and the password is JesusisLord.

How can I become a Be We One messenger?

Buy an item of Be We One apparel and start spreading the message of Jesus Christ. Ask others to purchase similar apparel and email us at treyeshua@gmail.com with those orders. Orders only need a name, a mobile number, and an email address. When we receive an order we send an email invoice and then fulfill it, either in person through a messenger, or by mail through the United States Postal Service. Include the price that the new messenger wants to pay. Our suggested price is on the order form here.

Can I make more by recruiting others to be Be We One messengers?

Yes, we pay commissions on sales to people who you first sell to, and, to a lesser extent, on sales to people they first sell to. We are not a multi-level marketing company, but it is reasonable to call us a limited level messaging enterprise. This is an opportunity to make poor  people self sufficient, not to make privileged people more privileged.

Where can I learn more about Jesus Christ?

At a local church, where you can both give and receive. Attend in person, and volunteer immediately to help the church in its outreaches to those most in need. Reading scripture, attending church, and giving are all important, but the most important is to do the work of spreading the Gospel by serving others.

Be We One was founded by Treyeshua in 2018 with the sale of a few shirts  in his restaurant and a trademark application for BE WE.

He can be reached at treyeshua gmail and on his cell phone at 214 228 6519.

He and his family, both biological and spiritual, operate this enterprise.

About the Be We logo. It was designed by Treyeshua in 2018. The black background is the black of the night sky. The blue color circle is the color of Earth against the black of space. The straight scalloped lines allude to the creations of man, which are largely straight. The curved scalloped lines allude to the creations of our Creator, which are often curved. 

Be We is a registration pending trademark. This site is copyright 2022-2023, Y Love, Inc.